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Digital Radiography

Veterinarians must depend heavily on diagnostic equipment to identify health issues in their patients, as pets are unable to communicate their pain to us. For this reason, Walton Way Veterinary Clinic in Augusta has invested in one of the most advance digital radiography (X-ray) systems available in veterinary medicine.

Most everyone understands that radiographs can help our doctors determine such things as broken bones, but did you know there are many other applications using x-rays? Our experienced veterinarians use radiographs to determine if an animal has disease located in the skeletal system, abdomen and chest. Urinary tract obstructions can often be diagnosed through radiographic imaging. Internal organs can be accurately measured to ensure they are the proper size to function properly. Finally, many types of cancer and tumors can be located using the radiograph unit at Walton Way.

Digital x-ray units are much more advanced than older systems that required chemicals and time to develop. The digital x-ray at Walton Way Veterinary Clinic produces precise and clear images in seconds, allowing for immediate treatment if necessary. These digital x-ray images can also be emailed, saving valuable time in the event that a veterinary radiologist needs to be consulted in a case. Finally, our system is much more environmentally friendly than older units, which require chemicals in order to process film. If your precious pet needs advanced diagnostic care, please call the caring professionals at Walton Way Veterinary Clinic at 706-733-2288.

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